What size container (aka dumpster) do I need for a job?
Remodeling 3-bedroom mid-size house - 20 yd
Remodeling 4-bedroom larger house - 30 yd
Re-roofing residential house or replacing siding or patio - 15 yd
Cleaning the house contents - 15-20 yd

How can I order a dumpster? How long in advance?
You can order our container 1-2 days in advance via phone (603.929.3680) or
email. The first-time customers are asked to pre-pay for the container the standard rate. You can either give the driver a check at the time of delivery or to pre-pay via phone with your credit card at the time of order.
Make a check payable to: EM Trucking Co

What can I put into dumpster?
Construction debris, furniture. No hazardous materials, televisions, monitors, appliances. Concrete, stone, brick is transported in 15-yd containers only for a flat fee.

Who are you? Where are you located?
EM Trucking is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to providing containers for debris collection and transporting debris to the dump sites.
We have been operating since 1999. We are dedicated to prompt service at reasonable rates. Insured.